The Reports module and feature is a newly released update that will rapidly enhance over time according to partner feedback. For all of the latest updates, please navigate to the What’s New section to find all of the most recent changes to the platform. If you would like to provide feedback on the reporting feature (or any features within the Shield platform), please send an email to or directly to

Report Builder

The Shield platform now allows users to build reports based on the information that is surfaced within each module. Users can select the information that they would like to include within the PDF generated report output.

Criticality Threshold

Users can also select the highest criticality of vulnerabilities that they would like to report on.

  • Low: All vulnerabilities that are Low and higher will be reported.
  • Medium: All vulnerabilities that are Medium and higher will be reported.
  • High: All vulnerabilities that are High and higher will be reported.
  • Critical: All vulnerabilities that Critical will be reported.


Users can generate three (3) types of reports that have varying level of details based on the selected report type.

  • Executive Summary: Generates a report with a high-level summary of vulnerabilities and configurations (if applicable) for the selected modules.
  • Detailed Vulnerabilities: Generates a detailed report of all vulnerabilities for the selected modules.
  • Detailed Configurations: Generates a detailed report of all endpoint configurations if a selected subscription has agents deployed and configurations are assessed.


Currently, the Shield platform supports report generation in PDF format. However, all of this information can be exported in CSV format within the vulnerabilities pages, for each module, as well as in JSON format via the Shield API. The Shield reporting functionality will enhance based on user feedback and partner requests. If you have a specific need or feedback on the current reporting format(s), please reach out to to provide any information into what you may be looking for.